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Description the first report of an infant with accutane-related accutane is one of several man-made drugs derived birth defects was published in 1983.

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Allgic actions (s PCAUTIONS: Hypsnsitivity ), anmia, thombocytopnia, nutopnia, a pots o aganulocytosis (s PATINT INOMATION ). S PCAUTIONS: Laboatoy Tsts o oth hmatological paamts.

Incasd alkalin phosphatas, SGOT (AST), SGPT (ALT), GGTP o LDH (s WANINGS: Hpatotoxicity )

In sum, isottinoin (Accutan is highly ctiv in claing up sv acn but it is dos hav som sid cts and it is dangous o womn duing pgnancy bcaus it can caus bith dcts in thi childn. As with all mdications, you should only tak isottinoin (Accutan with caution.

Do not us this mdication i you a allgic to isottinoin o to paabns, o i you a pgnant o may bcom pgnant.

Allgic actions Psychiatic disods (dpssion, suicidal thoughts and aggssiv and violnt bhavio Psudotumo cbi (pssu buildup in th skull that mimics a bain tumo Pancatitis (inlammation o th pancas lvatd cholstol Haing impaimnt Hpatitis Inlammatoy bowl disas Dcasd night vision Bith dcts.

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they are commonly the walls of the position cells, skins and seeds a href ;proven 40 mg accutane a acne help.

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