Of Paninis And Sandwiches…

Of Paninis And Sandwiches…


The word Panini finds its roots in Panino – a sandwich made from bread different from sliced bread. These sandwiches are a popular sight across bakeries and make for a good meal if you like to include bread in your dish once a day, or more! North Indians are known to have a deep inclination for bread – chapati – and find a meal incomplete without the traditional flatbread.


Pimento Cheese Panini

Shari’s home-made version of Pimento Cheese Panini buspar for sale without rx. appears every bit as mouthwatering as it hopefully tastes too! Although it is slightly time consuming and requires Pimento cheese – also known as the ‘Caviar of South America’. Here is how to prepare Pimento Cheese spread.


Mediterranean Panini

This one promises to be a scrumptious sandwich with plenty of vegetables and cheese in it. The best part is that it takes no longer than 15 minutes to prepare! Anjali at the picky eater rolls out this easy-peasy-quick-panini/sandwich. Perfect for the day when you do not feel like cooking!


Mozarella and Ham Panini

And now from the kitchen of THE Martha Stewart here is a Mozarella and Ham Panini recipe. This one’s for the day when you are in the mood to create a masterpiece! Total time spanning 35 minutes, this Panini needs precision and cherry tomato sauce to go with.


Happy bread day!


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