Buffet eating – an art? Maybe not!

Buffet eating – an art? Maybe not!

Author : Sharika Nair

Blog  :  Teetotaler

Here’s what you could have in a multi cuisine restaurant.  A salad of cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, vinegar and you could have the yummy Kulcha and some butter chicken perhaps.  Or maybe some pasta with some roast.  Later some Tiramisu cake.  Qualifies as a complete meal?

Maybe you could put extra chunks of chicken and dressing on top of the salad. Before the meal starts, even help yourself to the complimentary mocktail offered by the kind waiter.

You could even have corn fritters dunked in a dollop of chutney.  Or chicken wings with a lot of sauce, potato fries with cheese all over it. Then try some white pasta, red pasta and if they have plain pasta that too.   Then those thin crust Pizzas which don’t look so filling.  After this you realise you haven’t had anything Indian.  Maybe you could try out the mutton Biriyani along with some Chatpata raitha.  On your way back to your table you come across some Palak Paneer and Chicken Mughlai and so you could make space in your plate for that as well.  Now the waiter doesn’t leave you alone and recites the bread menu. Sir, would you like to have tandoori roti, kulcha, wheat roti, butter roti, ghee roti, plain roti, roti’s roti, ever green roti…….ok, ok! Please stop. Catch our breath, you could say and politely order for a wheat roti.  Somehow you get a sense of accomplishment upon hearing the word wheat. You made a healthy choice. Bingo!

And now time for some dessert.  You could have black forest cake, butterscotch ice cream, jalebi, kheer, apple tart, bread pudding.

That’s surely a feast of all sorts of food.  And you’ve paid for it in advance.

Friends, this is what we call an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!

Though we use the term food in it, it actually is a sort of war with your body.  You test your body and play ‘survival of the fittest’ with it.  Fittest because many days in advance you try to keep yourself fit for the main day.  You jog extra rounds, starve yourself before the meal and make efforts to eat small portions.

And later on after the ‘event’ is over you do not even feel like a winner. Ok, maybe a winner. But one who just committed suicide.


All through the week you had thought about this meal so fondly and now what?  Gluttony won perhaps.  The feast controlled you which can’t be accepted.

So to ensure that the next time both you and the meal emerge victorious, try keeping the following in mind.

1. Never stay hungry

Just because you think you are going to gulp down quantities and quantities of food doesn’t mean you should skip lunch and breakfast.  Chances are that you will end up binge- eating without even enjoying it.

2. Take a tour how to use viagra properly.

Before you begin your meal, take a tour of the entire table.  It’s better to know all the dishes.  That way you can make a mental note of any personal favourites that you would like to have.

3. Stay far away

It’s best to choose a seat that is far away from the buffet table.  You will tend to take fewer trips then.

4.  Take small portions

Never pile your plate with just one dish.  A buffet generally has multiple varieties.  So try taking small portions of each

5.  Exercise patience

Always eat slowly and thoughtfully.  Pay attention to what goes into your body.  Chewing carefully helps you relish the food.  Also stop eating just before you become full.  It lowers the risk of bloating and indigestion.


Bon Appetit!