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In a prospectiverandomizedopen-labelpositive-controlled study in 254 patients with mechanical prosthetic heart valvesthe thromboembolic-free interval was found to be significantly greater in patients treated with warfarin alone compared with dipyridamole/aspirin-treated patientsp.

Frequency not reportedJaundicehepatic dysfunctionhepatitischolestatic hepatic injuryliver enzymes elevatedRef]

Immune system disordershypersensitivity/allergic reactionsincluding urticaria and anaphylactic reactionsVascular disordersvasculitis Hepatobiliary disordershepatitiselevated liver enzymesCholestatic hepatitis has been associated with concomitant administration of COUMADIN and ticlopidineGastrointestinal disordersnauseavomitingdiarrheataste perversionabdominal painflatulencebloating Skin disordersrashdermatitisincluding bullous eruptionspruritusalopecia Respiratory disorderstracheal or tracheobronchial calcification General disorderschills.

The treatment of excessive anticoagulation is based on levothroid. the level of the INRthe presence or absence of bleedingand clinical circumstancesReversal of COUMADIN anticoagulation may be obtained by discontinuing COUMADIN therapy andif necessaryby administration of oral or parenteral vitamin K 1

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do not take coumadin if you are suffering from very high blood pressure, blood cell disorder, bleeding disorder, or infection of the lining of your heart.

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