Christmas Surprise!

Christmas Surprise!


Here are three surprise Christmas eggnog recipes, because Christmas is a day for surprise presents tucked away under the pillow or the pretty, shiny fir tree.



Now here is a treasure trove to last a couple of Christmases in the coming years. The Eggnog Blog has an array of very cool eggnogs and nog inspired drinks. They look promising, rather nogtastic! Visit them just for the super cool names, and pretty certainly you will be inspired into a nog of your own!


Non-Alcoholic Eggnog

Well here’s a blog that does a step by step walk through, visually enhanced by pictures, of a home-made non-alcoholic eggnog. If you are planning upon an alcohol free winter delight, angela ginseng paul brand. A Sweet Pea Chef has what you need.


Holiday Eggnog Cake

One can’t have enough of eggnog, ever. So let’s get busy with eggnogging with a cake. Tessa’s experiment with turning this winter festive warm fuzzy drink is listed out here on the cake blog. All you need is a fireplace to snuggle close to, with a slice of this heavenly delight!



Feature image source: The Eggnog Blog


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