Cook faster, Eat better with InnerChef

Most of our friends would recall that InnerChef started as a recipe box company and introduced the concept of “15-minute cooking” when we launched. In a way, we are the pioneers of this concept: bringing quality food to customers that can be assembled in less than quarter of an hour and that too at an affordable price!




Like all great journeys, it’s all about where you’re going, not where you’re coming from. Over the last 7 months, our vision has expanded and we have launched multiple lines of ready-to-eat meals (Breakfast, Salads, Paninis, Combos, Snacks and Desserts), but our company’s soul continues to lie in “15-minutes cooking” even though it’s now a much smaller part of our overall business.

The last month has seen the emergence of this category in the US and the adoption of this category by main-stream Food Tech companies has become a thing. For example, take a look at  propecia finasteride bali. Munchery’s meal kits that guarantee restaurant-quality meals in less than 15 minutes.




That the world is getting inspired by Indian insight is encouraging and heartening.

It makes the InnerChef team humble and even more dedicated to our mission: To bring high quality food experiences to everyone, make these affordable and accessible.



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