Keeping Up The Dessert Train With Cupcakes

Keeping Up The Dessert Train With Cupcakes


You have certainly rendezvoused with a cupcake. You must if you haven’t so far, as you shall soon see, what a delight a cupcake shall bring thee!


Cookies and cream cupcake

First of the three blogs we feature today is Bakerella with Cookies and Cream cupcakes. This cupcake is made from Oreo cookies, cocoa and cream. We shall say no more. Get baking!


venta de cytotec en lima 2011. Ba ba ba.. ba ba Banana!

These small lovely desserts of delight allow you to indulge your palate with as many flavours as you could possibly think of, and still some more. If you thought the Cookie and cream is a bit tough to start with, here is a simple recipe to make a Banana Cupcake by Cheryl at


Chocolate eggnog Christmas cupcake

Enough of cupcakes, or shall we keep going? We will leave you with one more terrific cupcake recipe, just to brighten your day. Think chocolate and think like a boss. Stef at the cupcakeproject brings a Christmas special Chocolate Eggnog Christmas Cupcake recipe for the pros out there, or you who wants to take the cupcake game one notch up!



Happy cupcaking!


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