Droolworthy Indian Desserts

Droolworthy Indian Desserts


The importance of sweet dishes in India is directly proportional to the number of festivals across this multi-cultured country of ours. There are just so many varieties and kinds that exist to suit all kinds of sweet tooth cravings. Since we are at the brink of the New Year, now is the perfect time to prepare sweetmeats to celebrate the festive spirit. Here are three popular Indian dessert recipes:


Gajar Ka Halwa

Carrot pudding or gajar ka halwa is a very popular dessert that is available mostly in winters. While the halwa may or may not retain all the goodness of carrots by the time it is cooked, it is still a great dish to have. It is best consumed warm. Veg Recipes Of India lists this fairly simple recipe to prepare the halwa, along with a vegan option.


Badami Kheer

Almond pudding or badami kheer is one of the easiest sweet dishes to prepare. Or at least this blog makes it look as smooth as moonwalking! Jeyashri at Jeyashri’s Kitchen levitra vs cialis vs viagra cost. gives a step by step prep guide to prepare this creamy thick concoction to keep you warm.



This dish is a bowl of aromas. Period. Phirni is made from rice and traditionally served in earthen bowls and is eaten chilled. Not the best thing to have in winters unless of course you’re one of those who love the chill. eCurry sets aside a recipe with plenty of garnish.


Go indulge your sweet tooth!


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