Food, Photography and The InnerChef Experience



At InnerChef, we are obsessed with customer experience. Of course, the first pillar of this experience is food – taste, quality and variety. The trick to go from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’ is to be obsessed, and that is what we go for – Excellence.




The second pillar of food experience for a kitchen-in-the-cloud startup is packaging. InnerChef is now acknowledged as an innovator and leader in packaging. But we are not sitting still on our laurels, we are continuously working on enhancing the experience. Like we mentioned earlier, customer experience is what we focus on and we want the customer to be happy, even before he has got a glimpse of his food. After all, you enjoy a meal with all your senses. We are firm believers of the view that excellence must touch every aspect of the experience.



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The third pillar of food experience is photography. When we launched InnerChef in April, we had no idea how important photography is to food experience. There are so many nuances to food photography, and these get multiplied for a digital food tech company. We have done a number of experiments over the last few months. And it feels like we are beginning to find our soul with this attempt. Special thanks to our friend Vinnie who put in long hours to get the shots right. Do have a look at these photos and savor the experience. Your feedback will be extremely valuable as we go to the next level in enhancing customer experience.

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