Healthy Lunch !! Which was actually pretty delicious :)

So, this is my very first write up. Considering this, I thought why not introduce myself with a healthy dish that I tried making this weekend.

Well Yes, I often don’t eat healthy food, as I am a BIG FOODIE!! I love binging on Pizza’s, Pasta’s, Chilli Garlic Noodles etc etc etc (the list goes on). But I thought I should better keep a check on myself.  This would have been possible only by eating salads, and other healthy dishes! It was Sunday, I thought why not cook something at home which is healthy and delicious simultaneously (rare combination though).

The other day I went for grocery shopping. I got a lot of delicious stuff for my baking (Nutella, Hershey’s syrup, cocoa powder etc), thought would buy some healthy items as well. Therefore, tried my hands on QUINOA. And not a normal Quinoa Salad, I made Quinoa Pulao. Yes they were as delicious as they sound. I would love  to share this recipe with you all, so that you can try it and let me know how you found it.

This recipe is easy to make, would be done within an hour. You could take a cup of Quinoa, or 2 according to the quantity you need. Wash it properly twice and keep it soaked in water for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you would get time to cut vegetables of your choice that you want to add in the Pulao. I love Capsicum, Cabbage so I used them, handful of Beans, and an Onion thinly sliced.

In a Pan or Wok, put 2 tsp Olive Oil, let it heat for 2 minutes. Add Cumin seeds, half a tsp (or add more according to taste). Toss it for a minute and add finely sliced Onions. We would toss the onions till they become little golden. To this, add Salt, Red Chilli powder, Garam Masala, Turmeric (everything according to your taste). Add chopped Beans to it. Toss it for 3-4 minutes, add cabbage and capsicum to it. You could use more vegetables, according to your choice completely.

Add a little Soy Sauce and Vinegar ( if you want little tanginess, these are completely optional as I didn’t add them). Now, add soaked Quinoa and 2 Cups of Water. I kept the ratio of Quinoa and Water (1:2). Stir for a minute on high heat and then cover it for a lid on medium flame for 20 minutes. You could also make it in Pressure cooker (Saves Time :P).

After 20 minutes, you would see Quinoa seeds swollen (:D). This means its time to eat it. You could garnish it with Coriander leaves and add little lemon juice in it.

I am not too fond of Coriander, didn’t put it.

I hope you all like it.

Pulao, without Rice !!
Pulao, without Rice !!