Here’s To A Healthy New Year!

Here’s To A Healthy New Year!


The riding wave of festive spirit is at an all time high right now, with the New Year setting in. It is also the time for new resolutions, if you like making them and attempting to keep up with them. Health is a biggie so long as resolutions go, and important too, for the body is the biggest tool we have. This machine needs oiling and car. If you have managed to indulge into too many calories this time around, now is a good time to start thinking about healthy eating.

Staying healthy should never be about counting calories, but it is a good idea to be aware of what we eat. Food habits, if monitored, can translate into large gains over a not-so-long period of time. At InnerChef we are constantly adding new food items to our menu with health on our mind. The newest additions – Drinks and Mains – are directed solely towards eating better. Our Drinks include watermelon juice, buttermilk, lemon mint iced tea and a turbo charger drink packed with fresh mint leaves and chunks of lemon. No preservatives. Could it be any healthier?

It can. And we are on it. sleeping pill uk . Mains offer an assortment of four delectably healthy food items. And this spreads out onto nearly every dish featured on InnerChef, be it All Day Breakfast, Paninis, Combos – even snacks! The only exception being desserts. But they are exempt from the health talk!

Our New Year wish for you is to stop worrying about looking at the weighing scale and instead turn towards eating better, and watch the wellness that follows from it. Our resolution is to keep our commitment of delivering goodness and health in a box. Have a great, fit, joyful, foodilicious 2016!


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