Hot Beverages Are All You Need Right Now!

Hot Beverages Are All You Need Right Now!


Now that the cold strengthens its hold over most part of northern India, hot beverages are a great way to stay warm and keep yourself coiled up near the fire with your favourite book! We got lined up for you these three fairly simple drinks. Get the cuppa brewing already!


buy albuterol inhalers no prescription. Mulled wine

Have you had mulled wine yet? If you haven’t you must try it this festive season! It is a European drink from the countries that see sub-zero weather for months. It is alchol and it is warm! Could it be any better? Gimme Some Oven has an easy recipe.


Fluffernutter Hot Cocoa

Here is how to prepare a hot cup of soothing cocoa and top that with marshmallow fluff up until the winter lasts. This is one of those recipes by Saveur that need to be stuck on to the refrigerators next to family pictures. Yeah, it is that fuzzy!



Ginger Honey Lemon

A cold weather must-have comforting beverage, it works beautifully for scratchy sore throats. Vee at honey lemon tea writes of this age old ginger healer that can be modified with herbs and spices too, depending on varying palates.




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