Three Must-Have Dishes From Across India

Three Must-Have Dishes From Across India


Let’s talk about some Indian cuisines this week. We are handpicking for you three must-have heavy duty dishes that you ought to know about, and from three different regions of India. The first three are non-vegetarian dishes and we’ll move on to some exotic vegetarian must-know-of dishes in our next post.


Chettinad Fish Curry

A very tangy, spicy meal to fire up your senses, accompanied with soothing herbal taste of curry leaves. Have it with rice or appam and you’re all set! Yummy Tummy gives a visual walk-through to prepare this famous dish from southern India.


Mutton Rezala

Replete with posto (poppy seeds), zafran (saffron or kesar) and javitri (mace), Mutton Rezala is a Mughlai dish that is devoured in Bengal and is known to have been created by the Royal chefs of Bengal in the Raj era. Bong Mom’s Cookbook has a simple recipe and some historic trivia to go with.


Pork Spare Ribs

If you are a fan of pork, you’ve certainly had pork ribs by now. Live To Eat blog features a way to prepare it at home giving you an alternative between an oven or a stovetop. This style is closer to Kerala pork. This dish is widely eaten across the Northeast states, prepared with a different style.




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