Indulge with InnerChef’s delicious sinful desserts this December

Indulge with InnerChef’s delicious sinful desserts this December

When you order a dessert on InnerChef, not only do you pamper your taste buds, you also motivate home-based women to be entrepreneurial  and therefore independent, give them a reason to continue creating mouth watering recipes. And as a bonus, you get to indulge your palate with home-made lemon cake, gajar ka halwa, cookies, tiramisu or a chocolate brownie!

The women who bake and allow for these treats to be delivered to your doorstep, to your best friend’s apartment in another city on a lazy Sunday noon, or to your sweetheart’s desk on a long tiring day as a pleasant surprise, these ladies bring with them an interesting variety and a personal touch with each dessert.

We are proud to have these neighbourhood superheroes as a part of the InnerChef family (because creating a perfect red-velvet cake in a jar is not exactly cakewalk!) It gives us great pleasure to provide them with a wider distribution platform and in that process an immense reach – bringing together you, our consumers, followers and fans and these inspiring women – and we take our role of bridging these two journeys very, very seriously. We are already spreading the joy in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore and Chennai as the newest city to soon join us.

So, sit back, relax and let dessert come to you. Choose your city, go to the Desserts section and Indulge with us!


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