Inside InnerChef

Inside InnerChef

Imagine your regular day at work – deadlines, meetings, a rushed lunch of whatever you could grab your hands on while leaving the house that morning, or boring canteen food – always oily, never tasty. You sigh to yourself – too busy with everything else to pay enough attention to what food you’re putting into your system.Thoughts run through your mind:

 If only I had more time’

‘I should remember to pick up groceries today’

‘Oh gosh, I have to work late, how will I have enough time to prepare dinner?’

The problem is universal, but the solution is simple.

Are you a working professional, who doesn’t have time to cook and/or eat a proper meal?

Are you a parent, concerned about your children’s eating habits while trying to keep them interested in home-cooked meals and away from junk food?

Are you unsatisfied with the quality of food that you order to eat at home?

Are you passionate about food, but haven’t tried your hand at cooking on your own?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place. We at InnerChef are here to make your life easier, and to help you #EatBetter!

Founders of InnerChef

In February 2015, faced with the usual problems like unhealthy food delivery options, fussy teenagers and a desire to experiment with food – a group of both young and seasoned entrepreneurs came together to form InnerChef, to bring you wholesome food at an affordable price – be it at work, or at home.

Ready-to-Eat Veggie Panini


Ready to Eat Meals for the Hungry Working Professional

Eating the same food day-in and day-out can get monotonous, and ordering in or eating out can be costly and also unhealthy. InnerChef brings you a range of gourmet Panini + Salad combos – delivered straight to your desk from our kitchens! We’re also introducing a range of cold-pressed juices to help you power through your workday. Stick with our us, and you’ll be energized in no time! 

Ready-to-Cook Pastas


Ready to Cook Recipe Boxes for the Discerning Home Cook

Our trained Chefs use their expertise and knowledge of food to create and curate the best recipes, using premium ingredients that deliver all the flavour you could want in a dish! Experience the thrill of cooking and eating your own meal, in the comfort of your home, while InnerChef does all the preparation for you.

Ready-to-Eat Grilled Chicken Panini


Like a magician’s assistant, we are here to do all the legwork – by shopping for, washing, chopping and prepping all the ingredients, salad dressings, panini spreads, sauces and marinades (we’ll even sautée the vegetables and blanch the pastas to make sure they have the perfect bite). Every InnerChef Recipe Box is packed with the precise measuring tools, detailed instructions and every ingredient considered – including salt. All you have to do is follow the Recipe, cook the components together for a few minutes (15-20 minutes at most) and voila – you have a delicious, homemade dish in no time!

Ready-to-Cook Pasta


We’re only a click away! Log on to, select your city, pick your meal, decide the date and time you would like us to deliver to you and pay online or via cash-on-delivery. It’s that simple.

Ready-to-Eat Paneer Panini


We are currently operational in Gurgaon and some areas of Delhi, and plan to expand to Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities over the course of this year.

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