It’s Always A Good Time For Pasta!

It’s Always A Good Time For Pasta!


Winter, spring, summer or fall, Pasta is always on the cards. Isn’t it? Well that’s a line from Carole King’s famous song You’ve Got A Friend, and a well-made creamy pasta with this number is enough to lift anyone’s spirit. Try it.


Zucchini Spaghetti With Lentil Marinara

It’s a bowl full of a healthy dinner meal and is fairly easy to prepare. Sonnet also gives a tutorial In Sonnet’s Kitchen on how to spiralize the zucchini and getting the lentil mix ready. Along with the lentils this meal makes for a protein packed, very healthy vegetarian option.


Authentic Italian Amatriciana Sauce And Pasta

“Amatriciana sauce is a traditional Italian pasta recipe made with pancetta. Then blended with onions, wine and a rich and thick tomato sauce, then topped with pecorino cheese to create a hearty and flavorful Italian pasta recipe,” writes Kira Volpi at Pasta Amore buy vpxl. .


Creamy Garlic Herb Mushroom Spaghetti

Think butter, think garlic, and now think both of them cooked together. Add to that creamy sauce and herbs. Sets the taste buds watering, doesn’t it? Pinch Of Yum‘s Lindsay writes a great blog describing the recipe with extreme close-ups for the special effect!





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