Have you heard of a cooking technique that requires less time, gives maximum taste and also leaves the kitchen mess free? Sounds magical, doesn’t it?
The definitions of “One Pot Meals” vary across the globe; from the famous paella of Spain to the creamy risotto of Italy and the casserole of France, these dishes ideally only require a single pot with all ingredients in it (like how we prepare soup) to create a mouth-watering meal!

Why are one-pot meals gaining popularity?

  1. With the busy schedule at work, most people do not have the time or the patience to cook an elaborate meal and at the same time want to avoid eating out. The one pot meal allows for diversity, while keeping things simple.

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  1. When you cook in a single pot, your cleaning woes are automatically reduced to the minimum. Also, a mess free kitchen leads to more efficient cooking.
  1. With all the ingredients inside the pot, one can easily double or triple the amount as per requirement for a get together or a party.

Other variations to the one pot meal can include simple yet delicious dishes like fried rice, noodles or pasta with grilled vegetables/meat or seafood. They provide the comfort of home food and can be made without constant supervision. All you need to get done on the side are some flatbreads or leftover bread loafs, which means, you can slide into your pajamas and watch a movie while your delicious meal gets ready!

Happy dining,
Akriti Jain