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More study is needed, but researchers suggest understanding how shatavari impacts blood sugar may hold the key to the development of new diabetes treatments.

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Information about Shatavari.

Shatavarialso known as satavarisatavaror Asparagus racemosusAracemosusis said to promote fertility and have a range of health benefitsparticularly for the female reproductive system.

Talk to your doctor or a natural health practitioner before incorporating shatavari in your routineespecially if you take medications or have health problemsThey can help you determine the right dose for you.

Perhaps the most common traditional use of shatavarior Aracemosusis to treat female health conditionsspecifically reproductive disorders.

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Research has suggested that shatavari may provide the following health benefits:

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in india, it is said that a woman taking shatavari has the beauty and strength to acquire 100 husbands traditionally used as a rejuvenating tonic for the female system traditionally used to increase breast milk flow; a galactagogue.

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