What If 15 Minutes Are All You Needed To Fix A Meal

What If 15 Minutes Are All You Needed To Fix A Meal


Do you work long hours? Do you find cooking tiring, can’t juggle time to have someone cook for you and yet are constantly conscious of eating healthy food? Or do you just wish that cooking won’t take so infinitely long?

If your answer is yes to some of these questions then you are most probably avoiding eating out or making do with salads and sandwiches on the go. Well, you are still eating out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could toss up a meal for yourself in a matter of a few minutes, and not feel bad about the saturated fat?

Why, indeed it would be the most ideal situation!

Chefs at the InnerChef kitchens are busy preparing these meals, everyday, just so that you eat better.

The 15-minute Meals menu offers interesting cuisines and allows you to have a meal pre-readied optimally to make best use of your time. These meals come with chopped vegetables, a recipe card that takes you step by step towards a fresh, hot meal.

Sample order synthetic viagra. La Trieste – a combination meal of vegetable stew, polenta and spaghetti pasta.  All you need is a cooking gas/stove/ burner, pots and pans to toss, mix, heat, saute stuff in, and the right utensils to serve them out for yourself! That is all there is to it. Food being incredibly easy to put together, while may not hold with mothers (who would probably scrunch up their noses over why you don’t cook!) is a saviour in disguise for every working professional.



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