The Innerchef Pure+ Box: The Most Delicious Detox

The Innerchef Pure+ Box: The Most Delicious Detox

Swati Bhargava

 Author: Swati Bhargava, Co-founder of

Being an entrepreneur and the Co-founder of, India’s largest Coupons and Cashback site, life can get tiring. Although I put enough efforts into keeping fit –  regularly going for a jog and practicing yoga, there can still be days of tiredness due to irregular sleep and laborious work commitments. I know how important it is for me to stay healthy and really needed something that would reset my system and put me back on track.  When I found out about the Innerchef Pure+ that rejuvenates and detoxifies your body with just a few simple drinks and dishes, I knew I had to get on board.

So, I opened up my Innerchef app and got to ordering.

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It’s a pretty user friendly app. In no time I was able to find the Pure+ section where I selected the Pure+ box. After reading about the detox plan a little bit, I was super impressed and excited. I could not wait and clicked on the checkout tab almost instantly. Then, I selected the next morning’s time slot and waited for my miracle box to arrive.

The Pure+ Box was delivered right on time and I was excited to begin my routine.  I opened up the box to find out what I would be consuming for the rest of the day and was pleasantly surprised to find a colorful array of bottles and bowls. The big box was like a treasure trove of salubrious substances. Everything looked YUM!

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The instruction manual that came with the box described each product in beautiful words which made me look forward to indulging in the components of the box even more. The manual also mentioned a timeline that I decided to adhere to diligently. It told me to begin my day with the Rise+ Yoghurt Parfait @9 am. And so I began.

9 AM – Rise+ 

The Yoghurt Parfait tasted as delicious as it looked as the creamy texture of the yoghurt combined with the crunchiness of granola and chia made it the perfect early morning treat. I couldn’t believe it was a healthy meal that was eliminating toxins from within me because it tasted so delicious. But, it’s true.

10 AM – ABC+ 

Then came the ABC+ Juice an hour after the righteous yoghurt. I couldn’t wait to taste this ruby colored treat to find out if tasted as yummy as it looked. Well, the combination of apple, beetroot and carrot, drizzled with lemon and ginger made for one refreshing drink. I was already feeling invigorated once I was don’t with this treat.

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12 Noon – T+ 

By this time I was already at work handling a million things at once. As the stress starting piling up, I remembered about the detoxifying tea I had in the trusty Pure+ Box. The T+ Detoxifying Tea lived up to its expectations and made me feel relaxed in an instant. I was refreshed and ready to get back to work.

1 PM – Sunshine+

Now it was time for some sunshine. The Sunshine+ smoothie was a scintillating combination of pineapples, cuumber, dates, lemon, honey and mint. Trust me, a sip will lift you up and take you to a tropical paradise. Again, it was incredible and I was surprised that something so delectable could be so healthy.

3 PM – Glow+

Glow+ was up next on the timeline and I couldn’t wait. Banana, coconut milk, honey and yoghurt are all ingredients that I love. This smoothie reminded me of my favourite banana shake that I used to have in my childhood!

5 PM – Cleanse +

As evening descended, I found myself adoring the bright bottle of Cleanse+, the refreshing watermelon and mint juice. I could really feel it cleansing my palette and revitalizing my system. I felt a refreshing energy… I loved this one in particular! This one may have been my favorite part of the box J

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7 PM – Comfort+

By now I was craving for some salt and was glad to see a bowl of hot soup waiting for me. The Mulligatawny Soup, as complicated as it may sound, was simply delightful. My steaming bowl, enriched with the goodness of Red Lentil, Carrot, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato, Curry Powder, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Red Chili, Brown Rice and Coriander Leaves, was simply marvelous and gave me immense satisfaction.

8 PM – Power+

I’d been eyeing the Power+ granola bar throughout the day and now I could not keep my hands off it. As soon as I got home after a hard day, I crunched on the goodness of oats, berries, nuts and honey. Once again, it was immense satisfaction.

10 PM – Aqua+

As the day was coming to a close, I had one more Pure+ product left on my agenda. The detox water, Aqua+, looked like a landscape in a bottle, and I loved the scenery. The water was ultra-refreshing and definitely the best way to end my detox diet for the day.

By the next morning, I was feeling well rested, more alert and just better about myself and my body. This was exactly what it needed – a healthy reset. I absolutely love the Pure+ Box and I’d recommend it to everyone I know. 10/10 for delivering what it promised.  Everyone needs to try this routine. It really helps and you’ll thank yourself of being good to your body. It is your temple, after all