The Tale of Red Velvet

The Tale of Red Velvet

Once upon a time, was born a luscious wonder of cocoa, flour, sugar and a big spoon of something more that took the culinary land by storm…

Today it might be a tough task to find a person who doesn’t know the pleasure of biting into a luscious, smooth and creamy slice of the Red Velvet Cake. But have you ever wondered how did this dessert make it to the world?
Digging deep into the delicious books of time, we bring you some interesting insights on the Rise of Red Velvet. While it is said that its true origins still remain unknown, there is plenty much in the history that will interest you all.

Red Velvet
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Born in the 1800’s, Velvet Cakes were a popular holiday season favorite! Bakers in those times used cocoa to soften the flour and create finer texture cakes, hence giving them their first name ‘Velvet’.

Unfortunately during World War II, food items began to be rationed thus decreasing the possibility of people buying baking essentials such as sugar and butter. Due to this, many bakers started adding Beetroot or Beetroot Juices to their cakes, giving their desserts a unique red color along with a moist texture. That is also a reason why many classic Red Velvet Recipes have Beetroot as an ingredient in them.

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Like every tale, this one has a flip side  to it too. While some believe Red  Velvets were a beautiful creation by  adding a vegetable to it, some say the    story coming now stands true.

 A businessman from Texas, John A. Adams owned a company called Adam  Extracts.  In the 1920’s during the Great  Depression, families started staying  away from purchasing food colors,  extracts and many more baking items  in order to cut their expenses to sustain  a living.  While the people could survive  without fancy food purchases, Adam  Extracts on the other hand was  experiencing a major downfall in sales.  To overcome the scenario, Adam  introduced to the world their ‘Red  Velvet Cake’ recipes that were to be  made exclusively with red food coloring  and artificial butter flavorings. He  ensured that free cake recipe cards  were given out at all grocery stores to catch the eye.

What was next? The clever gimmick made Red Velvets a major crush for everyone and soon it became a hot selling cake of all times. Going strong with some criticism and some love, the Red Velvet grew strong with the coming years and it is said that by 2013 it was 4.1% part of all restaurant menus in the world.

Today, Red Velvets are majorly a mix of Dutch processed Cocoa and food coloring, giving it a rich brown color. Nevertheless, what excites us the most is the fact that now we not just savor Red Velvet flavored classic cakes but also a plethora of desserts with endless variations like cupcakes, brownies cookies & a lot more  that use Red Velvet flavorings in the most delicious and innovative ways possible.
Be it combinations of dark & white chocolate, flavored cheese, healthy nuts and even seasonal fruits, Red Velvets have a unique way to dwell into each one’s comfort food.

Here are some delightful picks for you to drool on!

Red Velvet Medley