Three Indian Vegetarian Curries To Bookmark

Three Indian Vegetarian Curries To Bookmark


Since we set the ball rolling with meaty curries in our previous post, we have to give the vegetarian readers something too. Here are some very rich veg recipes from three different places across India.


Paneer Lababdar

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese had to feature among the three vegetarian recipes for the day! This particular dish takes roughly 25-30 minutes to prepare and as the name suggests is rich and creamy textured with spices to make it lababdar. Kanan at Spice Up The Curry records the recipe with pictures for every step.


Potol Posto

We are featuring Bong Mom’s Cookbook once daily cialis reviews. once again with a dish called Potol Posto. It’s fairly simple to cook and a healthy alternate to the routine menu. Don’t miss the fantastic little exchange with her youngest daughter before she introduces us to the dish.


Lasaniya Bataka (Gujarati style garlic potatoes)

It is difficult to go far from potatoes – always a lifesaver when hunger pangs kick in! Veg Recipes of India promises a fiery, red dish which can either be had as a snack or a main dish, documented with the cooking process in pictures that will get your hunger pangs knocking.


Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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